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About Jane

Jane is a dedicated and experienced educator who began her teaching career in the sixties.  Over the past forty years, Jane has changed careers several times with each new position providing more opportunities to educate adults in a variety of interesting fields.  She believes that we are all lifelong learners and the more we learn, the more we can enjoy life.

Jane left her nonprofit consulting business in 2011 to take care of her husband who had a serious illness.  She knitted her way through a variety of challenges provided by her husband's failing health.  She had knitted since childhood, sometimes frequently, other times sporadically.  She returned to knitting as a way because it had always brought her joy – and it was something she could do at home with her husband.

When her husband died in December of 2011, Jane was grateful that he no longer suffered but found herself exhausted, lonely, and at a loss for what she wanted to do in the next phase of her life.  For six months, she continued to knit and meditate and give herself time to discover her next journey.

She learned that the next time would definitely focus on teaching and knitting, two lifelong passions. In June of 2012, a good friend opened a yarn shop and asked Jane to become her Director of Learning. This opportunity is a real blessing for Jane because it combines both her passions and allows her to spend time with wonderful people. (If you live in the Hanover, MA area, stop by at Yarn's End and say hello.)

Jane also realized that another adventure was in her future – to provide practical programs and inspiration for women who want more joy in their lives.  In the coming year, she will offer evening workshops, day long play sessions, and maybe even an overnight retreat where women can knit, talk, play and find the joy they deserve.

The first of these programs, "Knitting Your Way through Change", was offered in the fall of 2012.

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