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FENG SHUI has been practiced for centuries in ancient China long before being passed down orally and has shown to prove results in harmonizing the energy flow in reverence to the natural forces in your environment and attract strong "Chi" Life force energy. It was originally called Kan Yu "Between Heaven and Earth" Relating to the visible world and the unseen vibrational world. It later was called FENG SHUI, which means wind and water. Ancient Shamans, Sages, and Diviners laid down the building blocks of Feng Shui based on the Compass "Lupon" The Eight Trigrams, and the I-Ching theory, numerous variations were created and developed over the centuries which include Western/Black Hat Sect, Intuitive, Flying Stars, & Classical/Traditional. Once a kept secret and illegal practice for commoners because of its power and ability to gain insight for abundance and wealth based on elemental positions, placements, and how energy is carried into landforms it is now a globally used practice to bring greater integrity and balance to a persons life. 



The work that was being recognized was my ability to generate a particular type of energy and vibration that was easily picked up by persons walking through the healing spaces I would create. What I was influencing into my home and sacred spaces was my practice of prayer, meditation, dance, joy, creation, and absolute love and devotion. Its hard to explain to an individual as it was something that was experienced. The closest example that displays the energetic intentions and my natural ability to shift energy by creating sanctuary spaces led me into Feng Shui in 2012. I loved the respect for our natural world which I felt aligned and intuitively guided to co-create with this modality.  I chose to study Classical Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui Calculates when the building was built, and magnetic sitting directions that produce a numeric chi map and mathematical evaluations of numbers that are combined according to the directions and energy. Balancing the energy of your natal chart as well as the buildings natal chart to harmonize and enhance positive attributes and maximize your potential by balancing Chi personalities. What I realized prior to learning of Feng Shui,  through my business as a professional organizer and psychic awareness I was able to understand emotional connections to peoples ways of living and help enhance their essence and desires. 

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