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This Page helps you incorporate simple and practical steps on helping lower your carbon footprint, become energy efficient, and be mindful on your impact on the Earth

Living in Harmony Ourselves and our World


- Keep areas tidy and clear pathways to prevent anxiety and allow "Chi" to move through your home

- Appliances should always be EnergyStar Certified or unplugged when not in use.


- Shop second hand furniture when possible.


1. Alternative  rainwater/Greywater systems

2. Aerated shower heads, timed showering. 

3. For Toliets should be 6L per flush, vacuum flush toliet, or minimizing flushes (If yellow keep it mellow)


Use natural daylight as much as possible, If are able to build windows to address can lower your electrical useage dramatically, use only task lights after dark.




Natural ventilation is imperative, do not use central Air, or only on off hours start early in the day and turn off at peak hours. Can use Heat Recovery Units. 

For heating: only natural healing sources. NO ELECTRIC BLANKETS 



Eating Seasonally and Farm to Table adds nutritional value of our food, lowers carbon footprint for transport and supports our local farm economy.

ALWAYS compost, you can find a local composting organization or local neighborhood community garden. 


Native Plant gardens are ideal according to climate.  In, our desert regions is best to plant drought tolerant plants, Wildflowers and Sunflowers help our soil and local bees and butterflies.

 If growing food systems best to keep it contained or area that is working with greywater or rainwater systems, greenhouses, or water gardens at low peak hours early in the day. 


(If you do not have access to outdoor space/ apartment living/or less windows)

bringing plant life indoor is imperative to our well-being and mental health. It creates a balance of nature and human beings. Helps humidity, can help absorb toxic indoor pollutants, increases comfort.

 List of plants that do only need water every 2 weeks: Snake Plant, Aloe, Fiddle leaf, Zzplant, Dracana Janet



Did you know not all plastics gets recycled by your city, only #1-#3. Also, your plastic will not get recycled if it's not washed. Anything you think that are recyclable end up going to landfills. and causing more pollutions. Try using Re-useable bags when shopping for groceries, opting out of single use plastics, find alternative recycling sources if need be. 

Check the # of your plastics and recycle responsibly. 





This is a topic important to point out as it disrupts our molecular structure, causing illness, birth defects, and killing our wildlife.

**DO NOT use smart meters within your home.

- Ground your electricity when re-doing electrical panels or building new homes. 

- Whenever Fiber Optic is available utilize that option. 

- Unplug and turn off as many appliances when NOT in use. 

Especially microwaves or do not use at all. 

- Avoid Wifi components as they are constantly sending EMF radiation throughout your home. For routers need Faraday cages. 

-Do NOT use electrical blankets as it disrupts your nervous system. 

- Do not sleep on a sharing wall of an elecrtrical panel. 

- Turn off 5G on your cell phone and use lower network capacity.  

If you'd like information on resources for local business'  or products I recommend feel free to: 

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What Land Do you Reside on? 

I am on Tongva land

Giving Honor, Reciprocity, and understanding of Our Native Ancestral roots. Find yourself on the Map.  


As a Capitalist society our nation has built a platform for "consumerism" and instilling false senses of security and needs based on accumulation and excess to show status and hierarchy. For the hundreds of years wealth, business' and financial elites have proven to work unethically, outsourcing for cheap labor, creating our landfills on other continents and choosing to continue to manufacture products that do not last so that consumers continue to be a "throw away" society. Programming the minds of the masses to believe it's what they need in order to keep up with "world ideals".

If you don't have THAT who are you? 

A belief system that through Capitalism is pursuaded to conceive that commodity quantifies our personal worth and value.

I choose to help people understand this psychological intentional conditioning that was bestowed upon us all. Shifting our mindset from a wasteful, unconscious, ill society to a caring, resourceful and free from deep intentional programming. 

You may always contact me for more information on this topic or one-on-one belief work consultations and how to deprogram your own familial conditioning and programming. 

Healing is a Radical Act of Self Love and Justice.

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