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In the love of Joy, child-like wonder and beauty my purpose is to assist others in finding their Bliss, achieving liberation of the mind, and aligning to the oneness of our ecstatic symbiotic relationship to the Divine, within ourselves and all that is around us.
My purpose and devotion to supporting each person's growth and spiritual evolution is one that I remain committed to. I am a Creative Intuitive and a Modern day Medicine Woman. My practice includes Soul Readings, Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Healing, Chakra Cleansing, Animal Spirit Readings, Crystal Resonance, Plant Medicine Re-Entry Integration, Purpose Alignment, Reiki, and Illumination Healing.  My initiation and spiritual lineage has been passed on by Rev. Esther Jenkins at the School of Shamanic Arts . I have received the seeds of the Pompamesayoq Initiations as well as the Altomesayoq Shamanic Rites bloodstone through the Quechua Andean Lineage of Peru. This healing work has been a commitment for me in the past 9 years of my life.
I have helped people within their homes and environment with clearing the physical clutter and creating a path to Harmony. Through my purpose to serve I have realized that though not many may be interested in ancestral and spiritual healing, do seek to co-create spaces for themselves to flourish and thrive in.  
For Home: my services include, Traditional Feng Shui consultations, Home Interior Staging, Home Energy Cleansing, Home Blessings, Organizing, Intuitive Readings, Manifestation Placement Techniques (with crystals), and Intuitive Interior decorating.
Look forward to connection and presence with you!
In Loving Service,
Crystal "Star" Orozco

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E.K.H.Erie, Penn

​"Crystal has guided me through two soul retrieval sessions. As a skeptical, non-religious person, I did not originally expect any particular results, so I was pleasantly surprised by how effective these sessions were in establishing a sense of inner calm and resolution during a time of extraordinary personal stress. I find Crystal to be both empathically gifted and grounded. She is consistently able to discern relevant inner conflicts or barriers which then inform her technical approach to the situation at hand. At the same time, she is able to communicate well in a down-to-earth manner and has answered my endless practical questions about the process. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and those seeking an alternative inroad to themselves. e.k.h."


Tamara Nagahiro

Los Angeles, Ca

​"Star has the ability to initially reveal wounds, dark places that I trained myself to not allow to come to surface. She addressed them with such compassion and sensitivity. Star lead me to a place I wasn't aware I needed to be, now that I've reached this healing, I will be forever grateful for her. She changed my life by mentoring me in facing my fears, looking them in the eye, and coming out of it smiling into myself, putting the pain to rest and finding the peace within myself.


She has been an amazing friend, teacher, spiritual guide and mentor. I recommend her to anyone, she has natural healing, loving and nurturing abilities and will bring light into your life, guaranteed. Let her beautiful soul enhance yours."

Xochitl Guzman

Los Angeles, Ca

"Star Crystal is a magical and powerful intuitive guide. The work she does is heart based and she is an incredible healer. Working with her is a true gift for she is able to go directly to the source of what is keeping you blocked or limited in your life. Her psychic abilities allow her to uncover the deepest hidden trauma and bring back healing where it is most needed. I would highly recommend working with Star for she brings a gentleness, sweetness and fierce effectiveness to a process that is invaluable for true transformation. "


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